I'm in Wired. Again.

Remember when this was something I was kinda enthused about?

Yeah, me too.

Man, I'm getting jaded.

Anyways, yeah, ol' qDot is in Wired. Again.

This time, they got my name wrong. I am qDot. I am not qDot Slashdong.

The only last name I have with qDot is Bunnyhug.

I do hug bunnies.

I do not slash dongs.

Oh yeah, so, the article. Sex hardware in video games. All stuff you've seen on our front page before, but go read it because you need to hear more quotes from me about this stuff.

Actually, this is the second time this week something I work on has been in Wired. MMOrgy made it into a machinima article. So that's kinda cool. Now I'm doubleWireding. Whole new level of Wiredism.