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Fellow Sexy Geek Annalee Newitz has an article on Wired about the current Machinima craze, mainly focusing on the Lionhead Studios game The Movies.

Funny thing is, we're mentioned as the "Alternative"! From the article:

Fans of machinima porn are advised to look elsewhere [Ed. Note: That's US! We're ELSEWHERE! Wheeee!] for their fix, because The Movies players just aren't making any -- at least, not for public consumption. Molineux won't allow any machinima to appear on The Movies Online that might be perceived as obscene. "If somebody tries to remake Star Wars and has Han Solo doing something disgusting, that's a problem," he said. Modder Ashton echoed Molineaux's sentiments, adding that anti-video-game attorney Jack Thompson's lawsuits have him spooked. "Our mods won't let you do anything explicit, like create naked characters," he said. "It's all very proper."

Interesting reasoning for why there's no lovin' features in the movies. Don't understand why Thompson's lawsuits scare them though, those have all been on violence (I'm sure war movies will have no problems on The Movies site).

Make love, not war, people!

Holy crap, I sound like a hippy.