Originally written by Isabelle Pavlova for mmorgy.com

We're opening a new category here on MMOrgy, called Experiences. It's something both qDot and I have been trying to avoid, trying to keep the blog a place for news and interviews. However, it seems like we're really missing out on the view of the most important being in virtual world, the user.

So, why, as a user, would anyone be interested in writing a blog? I certainly tried to do it myself, but time isn't exactly abundant due to life, so my personal journal has consisted of one post since November. We've also been eagerly watching ApogeeVR, as they're off to a good start as one of the first MMO Sex Blogs.

Even though my blog hasn't seen the attention I would've liked, I'd still like to go into the reasons I decided to start a sex blog in the first place, so that others might pick up new ideas and start their own. To say that we here at MMOrgy launched a million Anais Nins would certainly be a gold star in my book.

qDot has even been nice enough to write up an overview of the current state of Real World Sex Blogging for us, to give those of us that are "reality-challenged" a head start.

The World of Sex Blogging - By qDot

Hey everyone, qDot here. I've been mulling over this topic for a while, and when Isabelle said she was interested in opening up MMOrgy to diary type entries, I figured this would be as good a place as any to put down some of my theories.

So, Sex Blogging. Since blogging (and any other thing on the internet, ever) began, there've been people using the medium for sex. It's simply another way to be an exhibitionist, to be a teacher, to shock others, or to share with others. The internet has spread all sorts of wacky fetishes far, far beyond the bedroom or garage they started in, and blogging has been a major proponent in that.

Let's take a look at the taxonomy of sex blogging:

  • The News Blog. A blog with sex news. Porn releases, sex legislation, star gossip, you name it. Doesn't have to be specifically about sex, can be about a subset, like, say, tech sex or video game sex.
  • Examples: The Experience Blog, or SexBlog
  • A sex diary. Do something sexy or sexual, write about it, post it for the world to see. The new Experiences section on MMOrgy can be considered a multi-writer Sex Blog
  • Examples: The Babe Log Blog
  • Pictures. Nude pictures of all kinds, for all fetishes. Usually free of charge.
  • Examples: The Aggregator
  • Why make content when you can host everyone else's? Some aggregators (like sexblo.gs) do a good job of picking up the best posts of the day so you don't have to clutter your rolls, while others simply throw raw posts up and call it done.
  • Examples: The Hybrid

Now, when I use those terms, you'll know what I mean. Now I have a nice, public place to reference them too. Wheee. I love self publishing.

Anyways, that's pretty much all I had to say. Not a lot to extend on there at the moment, just setting down some guidelines for what we're refering to when we talk about this stuff. I now return you to your regularly scheduled Isabelle post.

MMO Blogging - How and Why?

Now that qDot has laid out some guidelines for exactly what sex blogs entail, we can delve a little deeper into why MMO Sex Blogging will be an interesting phenomenon. Since there are no unified MMO sex blogs as of yet (both the Alphaville Herald and Second Life Herald (which predate MMOrgy by a matter of years) have had multiple one offs or short series that could be considered MMO Sex Blogging, and the DarkNest site has some WoW erotica), I am speaking from a combination of opinions, predictions, handwaving, and astrological charts.

MMO Sex Blogs will probably fall into one of two of the categories qDot mentioned: Sex Blogs or Hybrid Blogs. Sex Blogging from MMOs will be people who go out and have sexual experiences, but don't have the means to take pictures of them. This could be due to lack of knowledge of the client (though, in terms of relating personal experiences, lack of experience in the world should not stop one from blogging, it may even allow others to guide or add to your experiences), or the fact that there may be no pictures of the world available (MU*s, for instance).

Though I'm sure we'll see at least a few text-centric blogs, I'm betting they will be highly outnumbered by the Hybrid MMO Sex Blog. Many people (and possibly companies) will use Hybrid blogs as an advertisment for their world, a way to say "look at this experience I had here, you can have it to!". Not only that, it will be necessary in some situations to have pictures available in order to explain something that happened in terms of game mechanics that is integral to the story (qDot Note: The first game to make game mechanics sexy totally, totally wins).

The same ideas that were stated in the Wouldn't, Couldn't, Shouldn't article hold true here, also. Virtual worlds will allow people to interact in their fetishes and then document them in blog form, possibly with pictures. This brings me to the reason I planning on beginning a sex blog.

(qDot Note: Personally, something I would like to see but unfortunatly I sux0rz as a sex writer is an MMO Sex Blog using real, found pictures instead of in-game/in-world pictures within the situation descriptions. Like A Softer World, only like, you know, porny instead of dreary and soul crushing and yet somehow funny. If someone decides to do this, please email us.)

Teaching Myself

Before the crunch of school and life ended up squashing my blogging dreams down to whatever I can do for MMOrgy, I was planning on (and still plan on, someday) using Pavlovian Behavior as a way to teach myself how to write erotica. Virtual worlds provide a non-virtual experience. Instead of wandering out into the world and dealing with people, you deal with avatars and whatever communications routes the world provides you. As the tagline of my page says, "What happens in Second Life, stays in First Life". While, from the abstract standpoint, we are experiencing animations thru polygonals, there are real people behind the avatars, and the experience leaves an imprint on their psyche. This could be of passion, of lust, or of hilarity, but no matter what, the experience has changed us in some, possibly large, possible small way. What happens in a virtual world follows a very tenuous definition of fictional, since the people involved are real (Those of you having intimate relations with ALICEBots excluded).

Virtual worlds can allow one to teach themselves how to write erotica by handholding them through a situation. Instead of having to go out to a sex club, I can simply visit one in world, and write from that experience until I am either comfortable writing about my own real experiences, or else writing completely ficitional events. It may also prepare me to go out and try new things, though keeping in mind that what happens in a virtual world may in no way reflect the real world equivilent, assuming there is one.

Having knowledge enough to ask questions and being reasonable about possibly unlearning some things and relearning others is a good trait to have, though. Who knows, you might just bring something new to the table, too.