Originally written by Isabelle Pavlova for mmorgy.com

Naughty America is a new MMOEG being produced by... we're not real sure. There's no company listing on the page, nor is there much information.

This looks to be something similar to Habbo Hotel, minus the pixelation, same with the isometric view, and plus built in sex. According to the screen shots, it also has a video interface, which lets us assume that there's voice chat, too.

I don't usually make a habit of being harsh to a game that hasn't even been released yet, but this whole idea of avoiding the Uncanny Valley in MMOEGs by going so incredibly cartoony that it feels like you're screwing an animated ad for TRL is a little much. I don't hold out much hope for this one, but I suppose there are people that play Seducity, too.