SeXBox Version 4 - The Defeat of the Pink Sparkly Buttplug of Doom

9 months. 9 fucking months to go from SeXbox v2 to SeXBox v4. Granted, it's been a really busy 9 months, but still, too damn long.

So, here we are, the next revision of the product that turned your's truly from mild mannered robotics engineer to GOD OF TEH INTERWEB SKREWIN'. This time around, we abandon the "nasty, ghetto hack" stuff and go for the more "involved, gross hack" model (read: we actually deal with safety and noise. We still just rely on the prayer/rhythm method for heat). By putting a motor driver chip in between our hoo-haas and the Xbox controller, we can now drive an decent number of sex toys without having to worry about current draw on the USB power line.

Of course, this means we're actually building a full, somewhat complicated circuit, one that involves a ton of theory we haven't covered before. The tutorial is a little over 3000 words, and while I personally think it's completely coherent, I'm the one that built the thing in the first place, so I am not exactly the casual observer. If you've got any suggestions or questions about this tutorial, please join the discussion on our message boards.