How Shit Works: Drawing Power from USB Ports

First off, I'd like to welcome our newest contributor, LZ! I look forward to having someone writing for us that's way, way better at this stuff than I am. :) Now then, onto the article, our first original content in 3+ months.

Ever since the inception of the USB spec in 1995, USB has quickly become the leading connection mechanism for mass marketed PC peripherals. One of the advantages is the fact that products can draw power directly from the port instead of having to rely on an outside source. In this article, we explain the specifications and limits of drawing power from USB, as well as revealing some of the "off the spec" secrets USB Designers use.

If you're wondering what the hell this has to do with sex toys, go to your local sex shop and look around. USB powered toys are becoming quite common these days, since the power output is more than enough to drive a decent vibration motor.