Originally written by Isabelle Pavlova for mmorgy.com

Even though it doesn't make any references to what company is running it, it's pretty obvious that My Gay Sim Life is running on the Seducity engine.

Actually, there's almost no information on this world, period. The signup site consists of two pages (and a hefty $21.95/month usage fee, matching Seducity's Two Avatar fee), none of which provide interesting or provocative information about the world.

Even so, this is interesting in terms of repurposing of a world engine. I'm not sure if Seducity is running this site or if this is an outside company licensing the engine, tha major difference being the billing methods. I think we'll be seeing more generic sex based worlds being licensed and repurposed to cover specific sexuality preferences, fetishes, and interests.

Might virtual worlds become the gallery sites of the future? Probably not, but it's always fun to dream. :)