Originally written by Isabelle Pavlova for mmorgy.com

MMOs are becoming quite the rage these days. From the humble beginnings of MUDs in the late 70's to the 3+ million subscriber levels of games like World of Warcraft today, we've seen online interactive gaming come a long, long way. With that progress has come new social paradigms that can only be found in the virtual worlds we have created.

That being said, sex in virtual worlds is useless, at least, in terms of the world itself. You will not level up by fucking (unless you're playing Sociolotron, of course). You will not gain new items automatically by hitting the buttons in such a way that it makes a crude cunnilingus animation out of what was supposed to be a dance. Sex is the act of reproduction, and as of now, very few games actually offer that feature. (I eagerly await many a heated email from Sociolotron players)

Why do we have sex in games? Simple, it's part of our nature, and MMOs are all about human nature and creativity. We bring to the world the things we are familiar with, our hopes and dreams, the things we wish were possible but are sadly not because of money, time, or the laws of physics. Combine this with the fact that every month some new feature comes out that makes these worlds a little more immersive, a little more real, and soon youve created a playground where people can lose themselves, experiment, and learn new things all in front of their computer screen. MMOs allow us to act out events without fear of being caught publically or not being able to stop it if we don't like it. The power switch to your PC or console is one of the safest "safe words" you can have.

One click, and it's over (at least, until you log on again. :) ).

Now, a lot of people wonder why someone would have sex in a game instead of just using the freely available, easy-to-use video/audio conferencing available. If you can see and hear the real person, what's left?

If you're in a long-distance relationship, in-world sex can be a way to change things up a bit. You know it's the same person on the other end, and that context adds amazing things to the value of the world.

If you're low on bandwidth and too poor for long distance, text may be all you have. Why sit in a messanger when you can play in a prebuilt, scripted world that will add to the experience?

For instance, look at our header graphic. People are turned on by different things. Men like to play as women. Women like to play as men. Both of them like to play as vampires, furries, masters, slaves, doctors, patients, and a multitude of other roles. If you have software that will allow you to get deeper into those roles, why not use it?

So, just because MMOs don't require sex, it doesn't mean that it doesn't make them a better place, or a better experience for some users. That's why we're here, to let people know what they can find in these worlds and where they can find it. No more logging on and feeling sheepish 'cause you wanna know where the bordello is first. No more endless search through horrible shops finding implements for you and your fiancee who's 3000 miles away to have fun with. Just keep an eye on MMOrgy, and we'll keep you informed.