So, unless you've been hiding under a rock or just generally don't pay attention to video games (around here, we consider those to be on equal ground), you've probably heard about the Nintendo Revolution Controller Annoucement. Just in case you can't pick up how it is to be used in the article, check out this promotional video.

Now I personally believe that Nintendo fucking r00lz, and that it's seriously about fucking time someone breaks the "ubiquitous joystick/button" combo style that console gaming has settled into. I could go on about this, and do, over on Nonpolynomial Labs, but I'm trying to keep all of my control theory postings over there now, because a lot of people find that stuff not so sexy. :)

Anyways, it seems that gamers have decided that, for some reason, a TV remote is a sex toy. It's probably the fact that the remote vibrates, but still, it's a fucking remote, people. I don't remember anyone shoving TV remotes up their ass anytime in the last 40 or so years we've had them, so why start now, just because it vibrates?

There's been jokes on what the additions to the controller could be like.

There are those who realize you have one hand free.

And then there's the many, many, many forum threads that I'm suddenly finding in my referers, all talking about what holes this new control scheme will fill.

Fuck, why even list links, just google Nintendo Revolution Sex Toy.

I can't for the life of me understand why a boxy vibrating remote triggered this off. I mean, hell, both the current xbox and PS2 controllers have nice, round grips, ergonomically fit for your hands, which means curvy enough to fit other places. But for some reason, people on the internet like shoving right angles in their hoo-haa.

Maybe I miss the stalls for the dongs these days. Maybe I'm just too experienced with hooking real sex toys into controllers to go au natural with a FUCKING RECTANGLE.

The fact still remains: You people are weird.