Second Life opens free lifetime basic accounts

You've heard me rave about it. You've watched it single-handedly drive this site from 8 posts a week to 1 if we're lucky. I don't remember any of my friends names, I'm not sure if I have a fiancee any longer, and I haven't seen the sun in 3 weeks, but WHO CARES! Second Life accounts are now free!

Second Life basic accounts (you can't own Linden Land, but you can still rent land) are now free. Lifetime accounts, no monthly fees, and a really neat world to check out. This is the platform I'll be using for the actuation of some of our new projects, as adding a virtual world to sex tech is ever so spiffy. Every fetish (and my god, I do mean EVERY fetish) is represented in world, so there really is something for everyone.

(Oh yeah, and use "qDot Bunnyhug" as a referer, and message me once you get in, I'll be in world most of the evening. :) )