Geek Girl Calendar and UNIX Calendar, false advertising abounds

Every proper sex toy mechanic has to have some sort of calendar up on their wall... Too bad you're either going to have to really, really, REALLY use your imagination, or else just settle for a big ol' bowl of suck (and if you're into guys, well, there's pictures of Linus, Bjarne, and others all over the net, make your own damn calendar).

Starting with the bad first, The Girls Of Geekdom. Oh come the fuck on people, I mean, really, we've been here before, except Geek Fantasies was a JOKE. They're actually expecting you to shell out $15 for a god damn calendar where the "Computer Geek Girl" BRAGS ABOUT CODING HTFUCKINGML. If I'm shelling out cash, I was to know the girl in that picture has made one of the posts on Lambda The Ultimate that I can barely understand because I forgot all of my language theory right after college (and subsequently got a job where I have to do language design. Go me.). I want my Horror Geek to be masturbating to Cannible Holocaust. I want my Robotics Geek Girl to... Oh wait. They didn't have one. Personal fantasy getting in the way there...

Anyways, if you're gonna claim to be geek, then FUCKING BRING IT. Don't sully the term with this wimpy ass shit.

Then there's this UNIX Girls Calendar. At least there's some nakedness this time, but how am I sure that car is running a real flavor of UNIX, and not just like, Ubuntu or some shit? Can someone write the uname response on one of the girls in lipstick or something? It'd just make me feel a little better about the whole thing.

For everyone that's looking for the Hot Men of Cumputing (giggle) Calendar, well, I'm sure there will be a GNU Version Calendar released someday. Then all your Stallmen in Speedo needs will be fulfilled.

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