Haptic Cow Butt Simulator

Here at Slashdong, we report on video games and haptics research for a reason. We believe that video games and immersive environments will lead the way to more realistic teledildonics experiences. That being said, we feel we should cover all areas of both haptics and sexual fetishes.

It is in this interest that we present the Haptic Cow Simulator.

What is currently used for simulating the act of finding reproductive tract issues in cows today, it could soon be in the corner store next to the inflatable sheep of tomorrow. Dog butt and horse butt simulators are also on their way.

Sometimes, living in the Midwestern United States pays off, like when you send this link to friends and they honestly say "Boy, I wish I would've had that when I had to learn".

via The Annals of Improbable Research, one of my favorite journals, and also one of the inspirations for this site. Now that I have a finite Erdos number, my next goal is getting published in AIR or maybe even aspiring to win an Ig Noble.