Battle Raper making its way to the PSP

It looks like H-Games are on the way to the new generation of handhelds! In an article by someone who you can tell obviously never played Battle Raper 1, screenshots and a lot of ridiculously over-excited dialog are presented for Sony's PSP running Battle Raper 2. Sequel to one of the worst fighting games I've ever played (even Strip Fighter was better than this), the Battle Raper series takes the titty twister to a whole new level. Special moves (all two of them per character) make the camera zoom in on sexual encounters, and winning a match means a choose your own path prerendered suck and fuck fest with all of the mosaiced genitalia (flash) and detached hands causing fighting squirt queens to orgasm thru some method that sounds like macaroni and cheese being stirred (also flash, plus nomination for Best Use of Particle Systems EVER) your "pimp hand exercise on polygon women counts, right?" ass can handle.

via Fleshbot