I just spent the last 7 hours writing content for the site and trying to get ready for the gigantic media blowout that will be Slashdong in Wired (I love you, Regina. Please marry me, but only if my fiancee says you can.) tomorrow. It's amazing how you can forget all about sex after writing about it for 7 hours straight.

Anyways, I figure I should use this time to ask for help. This site is currently a one-couple operation. I'm doing the best I can to crank out articles and projects, and she's doing the best she can to proofread them and fix my horrible grammar. We get a little help on the side (thanks again to LouderThanGod, Scott Motherfucking Crawford, Guy who I can't think of an interesting name for even though he asked me to, and everyone who has ever linked to our posts), but it'd be nice to have somemore writers, engineers, and other people around to talk to. It's lonely.

So, here's what I'd like.

  • Some sort of Adult Store sponsor. I know we're an open source shop, but there's no such thing as a free dildo. I need some way to advertise the toys I use on here, and to get new toys to replace the ones I destroy (I have yet to completely destroy a toy, though the blue LED dildo is getting a little worn, and not from normal use) at some discounted rate, since I po'. If you run a store or know someone who does and would like to talk about terms, have them contact me at the email address below
  • Writers would be great. I have quite a few technology fetish topics I'd love to cover, but if it's not engineering, I'm probably not the best person to write about it. I also cannot interview people, as I suck at conversation that requires purpose.
  • Engineers who wanna work on projects. I've got ideas, you've got ideas, let's tape our ninjas together to make ONE GIGANTIC NINJA.
  • Can't do any of those things, but are just interested in the site? Sign up on the boards! Converse! Ask questions! For the love off god, get off the internet ass that is the feed aggregator and INTERACT!

So, that is my humble plea. I have a lot of fun running this place, I wanna share the fun. I can do all of the stuff listed above myself (including talking on the forum, like I do now :( ), but content can only be added as fast as I generate it, and if you look at the bottom of the page, you see I have 5 sites to fill. This one is the favored child right now, but I'd like to see my bots and yoyos again someday.

If you're interested in any of this, post on the forums or email me at [qdot at slashdong dot org][8].

We now return you to your irreverant romp through internet sex.

[8]: mailto:qdot at slashdong () org