Slashdong is now your trusty source for teledildonics, sex engineering AND video game sex news!

Because we just aren't covering enough topics on this blog yet, we've decided to add a new catagory: Video Game Sex! Sure, we've been doing a few posts about games already, but they didn't have their own category until now. Sexy Fandom has the fantasy and sci-fi side of porn covered, but video games are a fast growing industry, and we've taken it upon ourselves to keep people informed of happenings on the video game sex world (outside of H-Games, which we'll leave to the poor bastards at Something Awful).

You're probably asking, why games? Well, other than the whole aforementioned video game fetish I have, games are the bleeding edge of consumer immersive environments. Games innovate on how people interact with hardware and computer systems, and will be one of the major factors in sex simulation in years to come. We're just getting a jump start on it.

What to expect in this new catagory: Tracking the rise of adult situations in mainstream games (we're taking bets on which sequel of GTA will let you have sex with the hooker outside of the car), new games like 3Feel that incorporate teledildonics, and what the porn industry is cooking up in terms of polygonal bump and grind.

So, keep an eye out for new VG related posts (like the 5 or so I have lined up to go directly after I make this one).