New Korean sex game involves teledildonics

Well, this post is gonna kinda suck if you can't read Japanese or Korean, but well, everyone can enjoy the pictures. 3Feel is a new simulation game from Korean game studio CM-NET. Basically, it looks like a cross between the Biko series (Rape and stalking simulation at its best, assuming you can have a "best" in rape simulation) and the Sims, except they've actually manufactured a USB widget to use teledildonics with the game! It's all the fun of webcam sex combined with half-assed collision detection!

'cause there's nothing sexier than watching a penis go in the ho-ho and right out the ass of a low poly model with gigantic boobs. H-Games, we love you.

(There are videos buried somewhere on this site, but you'll need mastery of a non-englishy language to find them)

via Fleshbot