So I'm obviously a big geek. I've modded sex toys to video game controllers, I have a website with a gigantic floating circuit board dildo as the header, yeah, it doesn't get much worse than this. That's why I got so incredibly fucking proud when I saw someone say this line on one of the forum threads about the SeXBox:

"Dude, you realize this is the first step to everyone's Holodeck fantasies, right?"

Yup. In the future, when, because you CAN, you're having sex just with whatever wacky thing your imagination comes up, hopefully people will think back and remember the meager beginnings, when all we had was a dildo, a video game, and too much time on our hands.

Also, the narcissism of my rampant referer watching has pulled up some really interesting pages in the last few days. I have to say one of my favorites has been SexyFandom. It's so nice to know I'm not the only person joining geek and sex into an unholy pairing of DOOM.

Look at that! Sex and UFOs! That fuckin' rocks! =D