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Sun 10 May 2009
Porn in Computer Science
Tags: science porn
Tue 31 July 2007
It's Funny Because It's Named Funny With A Funny Author Name
Tags: silly science
Wed 28 March 2007
Chemistry Not Sexy Enough?
Tags: air science silly
Wed 10 January 2007
Science of Sex
Tags: science
Tue 02 May 2006
Tags: science air camera
Tue 06 December 2005
Human Upgrades
Tags: science squick humanupgrades cuntongue
Tue 22 November 2005
Onanism Onset Attention Deficit Disorder
Tags: air onanism science
Sun 17 July 2005
Computer Scientists working on 3D Model Projection
Tags: machinevision projection science
Wed 29 June 2005
Robotic Arm to Perform Long-Distance Breast Exams
Tags: robots science
Wed 29 June 2005
Brain scan finds the penis (At last!)
Tags: science neuroscience