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Thu 18 February 2016
The Sex Toy Storage Cabinet That Chooses Toys For You
Tags: toys furniture diy arduino
Sat 11 April 2015
Orgasmastronics Master Beta Arduino Kit on Indiegogo
Tags: arduino diy crowdfunding indiegogo orgasmatronics
Tue 07 April 2015
NSFW Arduino Class with Dr. Xtreme/Orgamastronics at NYC Resistor
Tags: opensource arduino orgasmatronics education
Sun 02 March 2014
Doctor Xtreme NSFW Arduino Workshop on March 29, 2014 in Denver, CO
Tags: doctorxtreme diy arduino workshops
Mon 26 November 2012
Lelo Lyla RF/Arduino Control Hack, and a Hopeful Future
Tags: diy opensource arduino vibrators toys rf
Sat 15 October 2011
The Pen15 Board - Arduino Teledildonics Shield
Tags: projects opensource vibrators arduino