The Pen15 Board

By Kyle Machulis and Bird Brain Labs

The Pen15 Board is a relatively simple Arduino shield, built specifically for sex tech and teledildonics research. At its core is a MOSFET, 2 resistors for current regulation, and a jack to hook up vibrators to.

Actually, that's more than its core. That's the whole thing, period. Told you it was simple!

The board sells in 4 different versions:

  • $10 Unassembled Kit w/o Vibrator
  • $15 Assembled Kit w/o Vibrator
  • $15 Unassembled Kit w/ Vibrator
  • $20 Assembled Kit w/ Vibrator

Buy one now at (Sorry, no longer available :( )!


Source Code/Projects

Main github repo for arduino and processing source at Github