Fleshlight Launch Reverse Engineering

When a company with a name as big as Fleshlight attached their brand to a computerized sex toy, you damn well better believe I'll be there to get my hands in it.

I mean, I know I'm supposed to get other body parts in it, but let's be real here.

I've been working for the past few days on reverse engineering the new Fleshlight/Kiiroo crossover toy, the Launch. For those that just want the goodies right now, the documentation is coming together at, with the repo at

It's a fairly simple toy, just made to fit a fleshlight case, and move it up and down. The protocol allows setting absolute position along the thrusting axis, and the speed to get there. That's about it. There are 7 capacative touch buttons on the device, though due to the smoothness of the face design, it's actually hard to know when/if you're hitting them.

As usual, I'll be cranking out libraries as fast as I can for the device. If you're interested in controlling it out omfg right now and have either mac or linux available, there's a WebBluetooth demo that will work with Chrome 56+. You can set the position to move to, and the speed at which to move, then hit "send" to actually send the command.

I've done a full teardown of the device, which I'll be making a video of for our ALL NEW YOUTUBE SERIES soon. We're also working on documenting the firmware (PIC24FJ64 processor), and contemplating writing our own because why not.

Sex Toy Reverse Engineering Update

It's been a while since I've talked about what we're doing on the reverse engineering side of things. Short answer is, a LOT! Otherwise I wouldn't be asking for money.

Almost all of the reverse engineering happening now is in preparation for getting v0.1 of Buttplug out the door. What that release will actually look like is anyone's guess, but the more toys we have documented and reversed, the better. I'll usually be covering reverse engineering and software development work over on the blog and leaving this blog for featuring news, business, and other people's projects (with buttplug update posts every so often), but I'm taking this opportunity to update both places since I haven't written anything about my own work in a while.

First off, all of our documentation and code repos are still at

I'm also trying to keep hardware information up-to-date and available on the website. Keep an eye on the hardware menu, and I'll probably add a "Recently Updated" section to the front of the site soon.

Anyways, onto the libraries!

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Metafetish now has a Patreon campaign!

Patreon campaign image

Metafetish now has a patreon campaign!

Or, well, more specifically, I (qDot) do. I'd like to get more sex toys to reverse engineer, but that's becoming a pretty spendy endeavor these days. Most toys start at $150, and specialty stuff like the ET-312 can be upwards of $600. I've set up a patreon campaign so that I can accept donations and "engage directly with motivated participants", or so the marketing department tells me to say.

There are multiple reward tiers, including previews of Metafetish posts, Q&A with me, old-timey handwritten letters, and even a Metafetish VIP level that can get you all sorts of special perks.

I'm going to try to make efforts to post more here about the reverse engineering and documentation I've been doing recently, but if you can't wait, all of the code, documentation, and everything else are always on github at

Go on then. Gimme money. I'm waiting. We're already up to 7 patreons and $16 a month, which is a great start!

Things To Look At While You Wait For Metafetish Posts

Due to me being busy with life, things have been quiet on Metafetish lately. That doesn't mean nothing is happening, though. There's still lots of work in progress on ET-312 reverse engineering,, and other projects. I just don't have a lot of time to write about it.

If you'd like to keep up with what's happening with Metafetish projects, here's some places to look:

  • Metafetish Github Org - All of the code for Metafetish projects still lands here, so this is a good place to get updates about what's actively being worked on.
  • Metafetish Telegram and Metafetish IRC - The Metafetish Telegram channel is busy as ever, and the IRC channel mirrors the chat onto Freenode.
  • Metafetish Slack - We now have a slack instance! It's pretty development/engineering focused, and is where most of the serious discussion for work on the ET-312, buttplug, etc take place. If you'd like an invite, send mail to tips at metafetish dot com and specify the email you'd like the invite sent to.

Metafetish isn't the only source for sex tech info these days! There's now lots of good sex tech resources to check out:

Expect more Metafetish posts in the near future hopefully! You can also expect mirrored content from the development blog as things are posted there.

We-Vibe Data Gathering Class Action Lawsuit

2016 is looking to be a another litigious year for sex toys. The '268 patent case is still going, and now Standard Innovations, the company behind the We-Vibe, is in trouble. Class action lawsuit level trouble.


After a presentation by security researchers at DefCon, it was found that the WeVibe control app had been sending back device usage information to the parent company, without consent from users. This has apparently pissed off enough users to warrant a lawsuit.

It will be interesting to see where this leads in terms of product quality testing. I've been working on reversing more devices lately, including the Vibease, the Minna KGoal, and the We-Vibe, and there's wildly varying levels of security between all of them (and, as usual, most of my findings are in our github repos. However, while most of my work is just for fun, a successful lawsuit could really make people start paying attention.

Security researchers are starting to take notice too. The Internet of Dongs Initiative is a group of security researchers who will be auditing toys and helping sex toy companies secure their devices and communications properly, so everyone can play safely. Look for more info on them soon!